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All about PHP!

Group Founder: scadot
Description: Discussions, info, data, downloads, links & help on PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Join and share your knowledge, ideas and opinions with us!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 166
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Programming Languages

Topics (17)

go Hello room I here to help with a little (0) dammy121
Hi. I'm online partner if you like to have more visitor or earn little bit on your site click here. fast before it closed.

go need (0) ekueemil
i am emile. i need to have a projet to do exam with. my facebook name is ekueemile ap*do.

go converting (2) mastespy
ok i got a html page that i wana convert 2 php if sumone can help me would appreciate it il even upload the file if sumone wana c how it looks like btw its a pic uploader for a chatsite with nick addi...

go how long .. ? (5) kwah
how long have you been coding for? any projects youre proud of? let us know here !!

go dear members! (6) upside
I hadnt knowdle about php.but i like 2 learn freely.

go PHPMyadmin Mysql data (0) engines
I wanted to import mysql data file using phpMyadmin to have a single complete database but it reports duplicate entry primary key, pls how do i rectify this

go Uhm could this be done? (1) cs.punk
Hey there all! Ok I started learning HTML like a year ago after a few weeks I left it.. Now I am back at it again... I wanna know 2 things.. Could i build a site with forums, chat sites, and users wit...

go php newbies :) (15) sid
hi..prety much if you got some knowledge on html editing and php is child/s play.. you agree?

go FREE PHP w/ mySQL hosting.! (10) min0taur
F0r limited users 0nly g0 t0 its php v4.2.2 yoursite add must be :)

go How to..... (1) vil
is it possible to use a single download page for all my downloadable file? if it is, please help on how to do this

go Redirecting!/help plz (7) sroc
I need to redirect my web page wit post variabls.. I used the header(url); function 2 redirect. but it dose nt help me 2 send post variabls also.. Is there a way 2 redrect wit post varibls?

go Website 2 learn PHP. (4) don777
Is der any site where i can learn hot to integrate PHP in WML pages.Plz tell,tnx.

go c++ programming (1) k4tr1n4
Hellow to all.Mmmh please help me to my assignment.Here's the question.Build a program.that could post odd and even number 1 to 100.And after that it will get the total of even.And odd number.thanks i...

go Free web hosting with adult warez content (0) rlz
Plese write link..thax

go to andzelin! (0) ghost
Sugar! Do not try XSS attacks on the site as ur violating rules!